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Whirlygigs Collective started with two like-minded percussionists who first met at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York. While first-year students, Joe Krygier and Susan Powell quickly discovered their shared appreciation for music styles that went beyond Western Classical traditions.

The worlds of jazz, contemporary, and global music enticed and propelled these two eager musicians to explore free improvisation.

From there, a percussion group, Pendulum Duo, was formed. The idea to make music with and compose for additional percussionists – and collaborate with like-minded artists – blossomed and ultimately led to the creation of their quintet Sympatico Percussion Group. 


From the beginning, Joe and Susan have been interested in exploring new and evocative sound worlds. Their works embrace the ideas of time, groove, and visual aspects of sound creation, all while defying categorization. 


Whirlygigs Collective is the realization of Joe and Susan’s interest in the collaborative arts and strives to evolve into a marketplace for exchanging projects and ideas with fellow creatives across the artistic spectrum.

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